Sunny Days Ahead! Get Outside and Play!

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Who could argue with our Chicago weather forecast for the next five days?  Sunshine and some unseasonably warm temperatures are predicted.  I know here at North Shore there is the unspoken “rule” for everyone in our community (students and teachers) … to get outside and enjoy.  We will be seeing quite a few more smiles on everyone’s faces as we enjoy our time outdoors (not being in a multitude of layers!) and moving about, especially in December.

Of course, all of our camp community can appreciate the sentiment – get outside and play!  Enjoying our summer days in warm (and sometimes hot) weather and ample amounts of sun is one of our greatest pleasures at camp.  “Go outside and play” is our summer mantra! Spending time with our friends and counselors outside is what we enjoy most about camp.  Running, jumping, swimming, dancing, playing … all are great activities when done outside with your camp friends.  Having some sunshine and lots of fresh air make all that activity even better!

Knowing that we have six months until the start of our camp season, it is no wonder why the forecast for the coming days is so exciting!  So can I tempt you to get outside and play these next few days?


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