What Camp Can Teach Your Camper

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FoWhat Camp Can Teach Your Camperr over 65 years North Shore Country Day School has offered a variety of camp and summer enrichment programs to children of all ages. Why? Because attending camp can be a life-changing experience for children.  One that will give them memories that last forever. More importantly, they will learn lessons that will make a lasting impression well into adulthood.

What are some important things camp can teach campers?

We Can Teach Independence:  Camp provides a safety net that allows children to navigate decision-making processes, discover likes and dislikes and gain the ability to become confident, self-aware community members. No matter what the age of the camper, choices are given each day in a variety of ways that allow for children to weigh options and make their own independent decisions.

We Can Teach Identity:  Camp expands children’s minds and exposes them to people and activities that will ultimately help them decide who they are.  They are influenced by the actions of others, many who come from different backgrounds and experiences. Counselors, instructors and even directors are considered important role models for campers.

We Can Teach Courage:  At camp, kids learn the courage try new things, take risks, and yes, sometimes fail. Our swim program is the best example of campers acting courageously. Daily lessons provide opportunities for all campers to build new skills with their counselors close at hand. Learning to swim can be a daunting task, but gentle encouragement by their peers and staff help campers feel emboldened to try and ultimately succeed in learning new skills.  The courage to try is seen every day at camp.

We Can Teach a Sense of Community:  Camp teaches children that they can build a supportive network of friends on their own, without parental involvement. The skills learned and confidence gained in building long-lasting camp friendships can be the foundation of one’s social networks throughout life. The safe environment of camp will give your child the opportunity to meet new people, share experiences and socially bond.

We Can Teach New Skills:  All camps teach children new sets of skills that can be brought home with them and used long after the summer ends. Your child may begin to discover new things about him or herself, like a new love for sailing after taking out a sailboat in our Mariner camp. Getting kids out of their comfort zone pushes them to try new things they may have otherwise overlooked at home.  Camps offer a variety of activities to try and learn new skills that are rarely seen during the school year.

When selecting a camp experience for your child, factoring all they can learn while at camp is important.  The variety of programs and the quality of staff can help expose campers to new and interesting learning opportunities.  At the North Shore Country Day Summer Programs we seek opportunities to teach our campers throughout their time at camp.  Ultimately what they learn at camp stays with them for a lifetime.

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