Reaping the summer rewards of our gardens!

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Summer reward at North Shore empowers our campers to learn about gardening and this year our Farm-to-Table campers harvested the first full garden. As the calendar finally turned to the month of October it was time to harvest our campus gardens. This fall harvest was our first ever and in the Summer Programs office was an important event worthy of note.

Late last spring our students at North Shore planted a variety of crops in our newly created campus gardens which are a Summer reward. Our lower school students planted pumpkins, beans, carrots while middle and upper school students focused on greens, beets, and plenty of herbs. Once the students left for summer vacation our Farm-to-Table campers took the time and energy this summer to care for the gardens. When camp concluded in August all three gardens were thriving. This fall our students returned to their tasks of tending the gardens and yes, eventually harvesting all the food they had grown.

Summer time camp activities do matter all year long. The tending of our campus gardens taught our Farm-to-Table campers many important lessons. They learned that they can grow and nurture sustainable gardens. They learned new skills – for example, how to water a garden and use rain barrels for the water source. Also, they learned that gardening is a social activity where friendships can be grown too!

As our 2nd and 5th graders harvested the carrots yesterday it was so fun to see their delight in what was grown this summer. As they headed back to class munching on the carrot of their choice it was fun to hear their excitement and wonder of what gardens can produce.

Our first fall harvest was terrific and we are looking forward to many, many more in the future.Reaping the summer rewards of our gardens!Reaping the summer rewards of our gardens!




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