Camp Chat – November 24

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The arrival of the holiday break creates quite the buzz on campus. All community members – students, teachers, staff and administrators look forward to the Tuesday afternoon dismissal and the start of a school break. I imagine we all look forward to the break from our school routine for much the same reasons –spending time to reconnect with friends and family, spending time to catch up on tasks yet to be completed, spending time to do things we enjoy doing like playing, working out, shopping, etc.


How we plan on spending our time during the break is what we all think about in the hours leading up to dismissal. It is the same with the coming of summer break. The anticipation builds as we map out how we plan on spending all those days away from school. Of course, the summer programs staff members are so thankful that so many families choose to have their children spend their time with us. We manage to spend our summer days with friends (old and new), playing, learning new skills, being outside and most of all, having fun. No wonder we all get excited at the thought of summer break arriving.


No matter how you spend the time of the Thanksgiving holiday break make sure to enjoy it and be safe.

Cindy Hooper

Director of Summer Programs

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