6 Hacks to Stay Healthy at Summer Camp

Last updated: 09-14-2018

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6 Hacks to Stay Healthy at Summer Camp

Summer camp is an epic place. You get to have fun, be outdoors and to look after your very own campers. But whilst you're putting them first, we're here to look after you too.

So here are a few of our top tips to keep you in tip-top shape throughout your summer and beyond... 

Obvious yes, but it’s actually easy to forget to drink when you're busy.  

Staying hydrated is essential to feeling fit and energetic. Also, in the hot American temperatures with lots of intense activity, dehydration can easily happen. Buy your own refillable water bottle and aim to drink 2 litres of water a day, so, when you encourage your kids to drink remember to sup up yourself.

Everyone knows that they feel way better after a good night’s sleep.

At camp, once your campers lay their heads down for bedtime, you're usually off until curfew. The days are long and while it's important to have your own downtime,  make sure you don't lose out on sleep, as camp can be tough when you're tired. Make sure that at least once a week, you get an early night or use a break during the day for a quick power nap.

Meal options are generally quick, easy and bulky. Whilst there's lots of variety, don’t feel that you have to take a piece of everything. Twenty different flavours of ice cream? Maybe pick two. A choice between pizza or burgers? Have half of both. Fruit and veg calories are a lot more slow-releasing than sugar or complex carbs. 

Think about what you're doing today, running around playing soccer - you're going to need some feel-good fuel and if you're still hungry, get those low release carbs in you.

But you don't need to eat ‘just because it’s there'. Campers will be watching you and what you eat - so encourage that extra helping of greens and make sure you're all getting the nutrition you need.

Camp is great and half the fun is being able to be a big kid too, so get involved as much as you can.

Keeping active will benefit you as much as your campers.

Take part in the afternoon’s knock out game or evening lake swim and remember,  the more you put in, the more your camp directors will be impressed with your work ethic at camp.

Finally, if there is anything wrong and you’re feeling a little funny, speak to your team and camp directors and take time out to see the nurse. Remember, they’re on site for you too. 

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