Great Activities To Do Outdoors With Your Kids - Super Busy Mum

Last updated: 02-18-2021

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Great Activities To Do Outdoors With Your Kids - Super Busy Mum

No Matter what the season, it is good to get the kids out and about. Whether it’s kicking a ball at the park, going on a cycle, or building snowmen in the winter, being outdoors and being active are both brilliant for your children. 

However, it can be easier said than done, and it can also be difficult to come up with new ideas to explore. And, any parent will tell you the same, children get bored with the same things over and over again. 

Nowadays parents also have to fight against the more sedentary activities such as tablets, and social media, and games consoles that are extremely popular instead of being outdoors in the sunshine. 

Whether it’s reading tips about fishing fromRyan McDaniel of Chicoso you know exactly what you are talking about, or researching a new walking/cycling route to enjoy at a weekend, or want to find activities to do in your home garden, we will share some ideas below. 

It has been shown that children who spend a decent amount of time outdoors might be happier and be more relaxed. Spending time outdoors can also improve short-term memory, cognitive skills, and concentration levels.  

The need for active, outdoor play is real, now more than ever. The more you can accommodate and encourage them to be active outdoors or more they will reap the physical and emotional benefits as they grow into adults. It’s also a great way to create memories with the entire family. 

There are actually loads of fun, creative, and simple ways that you can get your kids outdoors, let’s have a look now: 

A Play Date- Ok, so it’s not possible to arrange these for some countries at the moment because of restrictions form Covid-19, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t arrange them for the future.Children who play togetheroutdoors are more likely to play for longer. 

Go For Regular Walks- If you go for a walk on a regular basis, perhaps on the same day each week, it will become part of the normal routine and you will find that your children fight against it less and less, and look forward to it instead. 

A Picnic Lunch – Whether it’s a trip to the park, a visit to the beach, or a lunch on the go when hiking, a picnic lunch always goes down well with the kids. Especially when they help to prepare the foods that want to eat. 

A GardenScavenger Hunt– A scavenger hunt in your back garden is a great way to get them outdoors as well as adding in a little bit of hidden education. Following maps, clues, or strings around the garden are all great ways to get their mind ticking. If you want to go a little bit further afield or don’t have a garden, you could get involved with something likePokemon Goor Geocaching. 

This list is just a taster of the many ways you can get the kids outdoors, but it will definitely give you some food for thought. Do you have any other ideas that should be included? Please add some into the comments below. 

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