The best craft kits for quality family time -

Last updated: 02-20-2021

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The best craft kits for quality family time -

AD – The craft kits included in this post the best craft kits for quality family time, have been provided for the purpose of review and I have been compensated for my time.

The best craft kits for quality family time. I don’t know about you but the half term has felt like a long time coming. I am so pleased that we can finally put the school books away. However, that doesn’t mean that the tendency to gravitate towards screens is not still there. Charlies is definitely at that age where he will quite happily spend all his free time on his iPad. As for Harry, he will watch kids youtube over and over given the chance. Determined to keep them away from their screens and to also spend some quality family time together, we have been trying out some craft kits from Create & Craft. 

Create & Craft are the UK’s first TV channel dedicated to crafting and they also have an online shop, where they stock all manner of crafts. So whether you are into baking,  jewellery making, papercraft, sewing or just general crafting there is something for everyone. 

As soon as I saw the Aliens Universe Modelling Kit on their website, I knew Harry would love it. As he is really into space at the moment and the small world play nature of the set once made really appealed.  Of course, as soon as he saw it he couldn’t wait to get started. Everything you need to make the little Alien scene is included in the box. Which means we can focus on having fun. Rather than trying to find materials from the craft cupboard which are never where you think they should be.

There was lots of excitement when we opened the box. Having not tried pearl clay I was intrigued to see how we would get on. Harry loved all the little balls and the fact that you use clear clay which is very tactile to secure them to the polystyrene shapes. He needed help with filling in the gaps with extra beads and would direct me to the colours we should use. It was a real team effort.  He particularly enjoyed making the little space alien in his ship.

Being four, Harry’s attention span is not the longest. Another thing I really liked about this set is that you can pick it up and put it down easily.  There is not tons of tidying away required. So we actually played with this over a period of a couple of days. Ideal if you are looking for something to do between other arrangements or over half term.  It meant he came back to it with renewed vigor and couldn’t wait to start to make the planets on our second sitting. It is lovely doing a craft together that he actually enjoys and wants to complete. It makes the whole process stress free and allows us to enjoy each others company. Something we don’t get a lot of time to do during the homeschooling/working juggle act during the week. 

We probably spent a good couple of hours building the Aliens Universe Modelling Kit which costs £23.99 from the Create & Craft website. Of course, once it was completed Harry wanted to play ‘aliens’. Where we got to pretend we lived on another planet. Harry’s imagination never fails to surprise me and the things he comes out with do make me laugh.  He really loved completing the Aliens Universe Modelling Kit and loves it so much that it is now pride of place on his bookcase.

Charlie and I get very little time one on one these days.  So a craft kit that we can do together is always a good excuse. Although the Marbling Paint Kit was such a hit that we ended up being joined by a little person!  We did have some time on our own first and the shriek of delight from Charlie on his first print was brilliant. 

There is a little bit of preparation to make the solution that the inks sits on top of.  The best way to get the powder to dissolve is to use boiling water so you do need to leave it for an hour or so to cool down. Then all you need to do is add the ink to the top of the water and place the paper which comes with the kit on top. Charlie was thrilled at the prints that he created.

As a parent its really enjoyable watching your child discover something new. Of course, it wasn’t long until another little person wanted in on the act.  I can see that we will need to get more paper as we have already used the sheets that came with the kit. The Marbling Paint Kit costs £11.99 and is fantastic value for money. It has given the boys a lot of enjoyment and has been a welcome rest bite from the monotony of being at home. The kit is perfect for half terms and great value for money. Now we just need to decide what we are going to make with our prints. 

I won’t lie its been hard work the last few weeks. Juggling homeschooling and full time working.  Not to mention trying to keep on top of the housework and keep everyone happy. There hasn’t exactly been a lot of time for me to take time out.  So over half term, I will be trying to make some me-time.  Craft has always been the way I relax.  The Makerss Large Painting with Wool Peacock Butterfly Picture Pack is the perfect way for me to do something creative and switch off. 

It is a bit of a  project and I will be able to turn the finished article into a picture or cushion. It is ideal since I can pick it up and put it down as needed. Plus because felting is so straightforward to do I can make it in the evenings in front of the TV.  The Makerss Large Painting with Wool Peacock Butterfly Picture Pack costs £24.99 and can be brought online from the Create & Craft website along with the other craft sets mentioned in this post.

There are so many different craft sets to choose from on the Create & Craft website – the best craft kits for quality family time. We have really enjoyed spending some screen-free time together and making memories and just having fun. They are ideal if you are looking for things to enjoy this half term.  

Are you planning on doing any crafts this half term?

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