High performing students make happiness classroom in the institution

Last updated: 02-11-2020

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High performing students make happiness classroom in the institution

Teaching, homework and tests are the fundamental parts of school culture. The system of learning transfer is more important than the school culture of classroom. In fact, teaching is the performance of motivation, instruction and cognition, not the system of knowledge transfer. Our schools are running on the system of default education. High class teaching is provided in the classroom, but it does not process learning transfer to student’s brain circuits. We know that the anatomical and functional regions of brain are significant to the modulation of knowledge transfer. The repetitive rehearsal of cyclozeid circuitry is useful in learning transfer and memory formation. That’s effective in the reading and understanding of classroom.

High performing classroom is known as the happiness classroom of school system. High performing students make happiness classroom in the institution while the brainpage development of learning transfer produces high performing students in the classroom. How will you convert teaching classroom into happiness classroom? Some of the students say that teaching classroom is pain classroom but the effective system of knowledge transfer can change it into happiness classroom. This is the brainpage theory of learnography in which students make brainpage in the classroom instead of listening to teaching performance.

System is defined as a set of things working together as the parts of a mechanism to achieve predefined outcomes through goal oriented task operation (GOTO). Teaching is the classroom performance of pedagogical methods, not the mechanism of knowledge transfer. We know that the motor science of brain describes the procedures of a particular mechanism, but students are not using motor knowledge in listening and watching. It means teachers are working in the classroom without any well-defined system of learning transfer.

All educators are focused on the three dimensions of teaching techniques such as motivation, instruction and cognition. They always use these fundamental tools to make teaching methods better and improved in the classroom. Therefore, motivation, instruction and cognition are everything in education system but questions are asked in the exams to evaluate learning qualities. Actually, examination is the test of student’s brainpage modulation. What type of education it is! Certainly, it may be default education in which students do not modulate brainpage in the classroom. They have to make brainpage at home while doing homework. Is home learning a real classroom?

Brainpage development is everything in the classroom that produces high performing students in school system. Brainpage making process is simple in practice and modulation. Father teacher is the creator of source book, written for the knowledge transfer of students. Education is always focused for motivation, instruction and cognition. The result is high class teaching performance but it doesn’t process effective learning transfer and brainpage modulation in the classroom. In fact, teaching is performance, not the system of learning transfer. Home learning runs on the system of knowledge transfer in which students make brainpage and zeidpage from the sourcepage of subject matter.

Teachers are not responsible for the introduction and decision of teaching system. The teaching theories of school system and its implementation have been decided by the educational authorities of the government. Teachers are always blamed in school system for the low performance of their classroom. Sometimes students do not pay attention to the topics described for learning and understanding. The teacher says that some students are creating problems in the classroom. Some students say the teacher is the pain of classroom. What’s this? This is the outcome of teaching performance and we have to change it for brainpage responsive classroom. We are talking about the teachers, but we never talk about the defects of teaching system. We criticize teachers but we do not discuss about the outcomes of teaching system.

Classroom motivation runs during teaching performance and this is the convincing method of instruction. Motivation is defined as one’s direction to behavior or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior. This is a set of force that acts behind the motives. Motivation has neurobiological roots in the basal ganglia of subcortical brain including mesolimbic and dopaminergic pathways. Dopamine is released during the anticipation of a reward and high motivation injects dopamine projections in the nucleus accumbens of basal ganglia.

Students become more emotional in behavior, attitude, thinking and decision making process. Limbic brain suffers a lot and the development of prefrontal cortex deteriorates in classroom motivation. The impact of high motivation may be disastrous for the working mechanism of human brain. High motivation means high dopamine release in brain circuits to feel pleasure in thinking, watching and listening. We know that dopaminergic pathways produce opioid effects in the working circuits of human brain. Are we pushing our children towards the world of drug addiction in search of high dopamine release? What will be the future of our students? Drug addict? I can’t think more because it’s beyond my imagination and I can’t ignore the facts and findings of neurological studies.

Teaching is not the system of learning transfer but this is the performance of motivation, instruction and cognition. It means schools are running without the system of knowledge transfer. Thus, teachers are working in the classroom without the effective system of learning transfer. As a result, they are over stressed, burning out and facing the massive workloads in school system. Fix the defective system of classroom operating mechanism for high performing students and happiness classroom. Don’t fix and criticize the teachers.

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