Free Stuff for Kids - 101 Amazing Things Kids (and Their Parents!) Can Get for Free

Last updated: 12-05-2018

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Free Stuff for Kids - 101 Amazing Things Kids (and Their Parents!) Can Get for Free

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Getting mail and going to do activities is exciting, especially when you’re a kid! One of our most popular searches here at Two Kids and a Coupon is free stuff for kids and we’ve had lots of requests lately for more great freebies for kids by mail and free events for kids. We’ve rounded up some of our latest favorites below for you to check out!

Freebies Have to Be Requested Please note that all of this fun and free stuff for kids by mail does have to be requested from the companies listed. I do not send these out and do not have these. I’m merely sharing the info. If you would like to request these for your child, click through to the links, read the information and follow the instructions or fill out the form to get free stuff by mail. If you have more than one child, request one for each child.

Allow Time for These Free Samples by Mail to Arrive Free samples typically do not arrive immediately. They can take weeks and sometimes months, and sometimes they do not come at all because promotional offers do change. Please be patient and the best approach is to request items frequently so that you get items often if some do not arrive.

Promotions Do Change  At the time of this post, all of these promotions and offers were valid to the best of my knowledge, however, because I am not the sponsor and because offers can change, please be aware that these may no longer be available. If you find a promotion that is no longer working, please let me know in a comment below and I’ll swap it out with something else.

Be sure to check out our tips on how to get free stuff for more advice on how to score great freebies for your family!

Know of more free stuff for kids? Leave it in the comments below!

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