World Kindness Day: Free printable kindness bookmarks #WorldKindnessDay

Last updated: 11-15-2018

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World Kindness Day: Free printable kindness bookmarks #WorldKindnessDay

Kindness is SUCH an important skill to teach out kids, which is why World Kindness Day is such a fabulous day to celebrate within the calendar. Why not check it out?

We have put KiddyCharts at the forefront of promoting kindness over the last year, so it made sense for us to produce something special for you all in the run up to it this year; 13th November, 2018 is World Kindness Day, but why don’t we have a little reminder of being kind a little more than just one day a year?

If your kids are anything like mine, then they love to read. Reading is to be encouraged from an early age, so why not print out these fantastic bookmarks to be used alongside and encourage kindness?

We have chosen some lovely ideas around Kindness to be printed on the bookmarks to get your kids to think around the concept as they make sure they don’t lose their place in their books. We have four designs:

We think the designs are super cute as always, and the kindness message even more so.

Print them out for World Kindness Day and beyond now, go on! All you need to do is click on the square picture below.

If you like this kindness resource, we do have MASSES on the site, as it is a focus for ourselves now. How about:

There are other resources out there that you might like to take a look at too around kindness, and book. Perhaps you might want to visit these as well?

We trust that will keep you well and truly busy for World Kindness Day well beyond the day itself. We want to encourage our #52KindWeeks of kindness, so it isn’t just about today, its about a state of mind!

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