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Last updated: 12-06-2018

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Free Printable Comic Strip Template • The Simple Parent

My son has really gotten into reading graphic novels and comics for early readers and it’s lead to him dreaming up characters and adventures of his own. So I thought it would be fun to create a comic strip template for him so he could really go crazy with his own comic books!

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to the world of superheroes my son has pulled me along. His interest has his little sister interested too! So sitting down with a comic template is a way we can spend some time together and let our creativity flow!

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I’m more than happy to encourage my kids in their creative and artistic endeavors, even though drawing isn’t my biggest strength. (When I taught 1st grade my kids once told me that it was a good thing I wasn’t the art teacher!)

I know that planning a make your own comic day with my kids is also a fun way to practice reading and writing skills.

Weston was a reluctant writer until recently and using something like a blank comic strip was a great way to help him get his ideas flowing. He could illustrate the story in the comic book frames, then add words to the story. I’m not sure he even realized he was writing!

That’s what I call an easy way to get a reluctant writer to get some practice in and build those storytelling skills!

All you need to make your own comic book or comic strip is our free printable and something to draw and write with! That’s what makes this a great activity for just about anytime!

The key to turning a comic strip template into an amazing comic book page is having lots of details. This is what Weston has informed me. He likes to draw in black and white but loves when he has a lot of color options.

We have a lot of art supplies around our house but when it comes to his latest comic creations, he’s all about color.

Pentel’s POP products have quickly become the pens my kids reach for first. With pastel, sparkle, and neon ink, they have all the variety they need to make some incredible stories come to life!

I have to admit that I love getting my hands on all of the pens too! While the kids draw, I’ve been using them in some of my notebooks.

The Pentel POP pens coming in three varieties:

You might recognize the Milky pens. They’re like a blast from the past and they remind me of being a kid again. I think they might be my favorites! I love the milky colors and how they write on both light and dark colored paper.

The kids are all about the bright neon colors of the Solar POP pens. They also have smooth gel ink that sets them apart from other similar pens they tried.

But I have to admit that the Sparkle pens get the most attention.

They’re the most unique gel pens I’ve ever used! The sparkling iridescent magical ink is like nothing we’ve used before to write or draw.

The ink color changes depending on the paper you’re drawing on! You get one color when you write on white paper and another when you’re writing on black paper! It’s the coolest thing ever!

For extra fun (especially for moms like me), the Milky and Sparkle pens write on photo paper which makes them great for things like holiday cards. The season is coming sooner than we think!

I’m also a fan of the latex-free grip on the pens that make it more comfortable to write and draw.

The colors and fun “pop” that the Pentel POP products offer, make it even more fun to use our comic strip template to create new stories and new characters.

You can use this free comic strip template as a comic book template as well. Just print out a few copies and staple them together to create an easy comic book!

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(This printable comic book page was created as an A4 size. So if you’re printing on letter size paper, just be sure that you select the “fit” or “shrink to fit” setting on your printer options window.)

Then grab Pentel POP pens in your favorite colors and get creative! It’s a fun project for the kids, but it’s also a fun activity to do together!

Learn more about Pentel POP products and get even more fun project ideas!

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