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Last updated: 11-17-2018

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How To Make a Spring Activity Jar | Family Focus Blog

You’ve trudged through snowbanks. You’ve braved the cold winds. You’ve bundled up in eight different layers just to travel from the house to the car. It’s been a long siege, but you’ve finally made it- winter is over and spring has arrived. It’s time to shake off the battle gear, pack those coats and scarves away, and feel the sun on your skin. This kind of victory calls for celebration.  A spring activity jar is the perfect way to keep your family active, creative and excited about the upcoming spring season. All you need to create your own springtime idea database is a handful of craft sticks, a mason jar, and some decorations. Best of all, putting everything together only takes three steps. We’ll walk you through them.

1. Recruit the kids to decorate the craft sticks. Get crazy! Stickers, paint, glitter or ribbon… the wackier, the better. Just make sure you leave some space to write on the back.

2. Brainstorm ideas for sports, games, crafts, experiments or baking. Below, we’ve got 10 to start you off. Once you’ve picked your favourites, write one spring activity on the back of each craft stick.

3. Pop the craft sticks into a jar, and let the kids randomly pick one. Whichever spring activity they choose, get excited and participate! Not only is this fun for the kids, but breathing in the fresh air and getting crafty can be fun for you. To build anticipation (and to pace yourself), try setting a limit of one spring activity each day.

Thanks to Blue Skies Ahead for the original tutorial.

Looking for spring activity ideas to fill your Spring Activity Jar?

It’s never too early to start bird-watching. Bring the wildlife to your backyard with this cute feeder idea. This seed muffin recipe is simple: check it out at How We Montessori. They have lots of great Montessori activities.

Getting a little tired of regular sidewalk chalk? Mix equal parts water and cornstarch, and add a little food colouring, to make gooey and washable sidewalk paint. Find instructions at Let the Children Play.

Get the whole family involved in making sandwiches, lemonade, and treats. You don’t need to go far- even a picnic in the backyard will feel like a mini vacation after staying inside all winter. Find some fun picnic recipes to try.

Kites are a classic spring and summer activity, and the satisfaction of building your own just makes it all more fun. Younger kids will need help with scissors and tape. Directions provided by National Geographic.

Test out those green thumbs, and get the kids working in the garden with you. Try planting some veggies- nothing improves the taste of carrots or peas like growing them yourself. For tips on what to grow, check out 5 simple food crops.

Trapping ladybugs and grasshoppers will never get old. Let the kids keep their catches close at hand by trying this creative necklace. You can get instructions at Whimsy Love.

7. Visit a farm to see the animals

Know of any farmers in the area?  Take a road trip and admire the new lambs, foals and calves. You might even be able to find some chicks in time for Easter.

Put white flowers in water, add food colouring, and wait. The finished product will impress the kids, and you can even make it educational by explaining how the dyed water moved through the plant. Find more information at Momtastic.

The possibilities for painted rock creations are endless.  You can get started with some small rock or large rocks and make painted rock home decor or outside painted rock trails.

Celebrate the season with these adorable sock bunnies. Check out A Pumpkin and a Princess for an easy tutorial.

What other ideas would you include in a spring activity jar? Let us know in the comment section below!

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