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Kids Need Playgrounds: 77 Benefits and Reasons

Last updated: 04/13/2019

The playground...a lot of people have very specific memories of their school years and what it meant to go to the playground for "recess". For most, it was a short time...

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Online directories aim to improve the search for child care

Last updated: 04/11/2019

India Witcher, lead teacher at Hart Christian Tabernacle Child Development Center, with her young charges in Washington. The city has launched a searchable child-care database....

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Reading to Your Toddler? Print Books Are Better Than Digital Ones

Last updated: 03/29/2019

So while earlier research had suggested that the enhancements were problematic for young children, the results of this study suggested that even a nonenhanced story on the...

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Research shows play benefits kids. So why are our kids playing less?

Last updated: 03/28/2019

Yesterday I came across an article about an early childhood center that has removed the swings from its playground so the kids would spend less time playing and more time...

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E-books create a 'less chatty story time'

Last updated: 03/28/2019

Parents and children interact less when reading electronic books together than printed ones, a study suggests. Researchers from the University of Michigan found parents talked...

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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Enhance the Quality of Early Childhood Education?

Last updated: 03/14/2019

When it comes to brain development, the first years of life are literally formative. A child is born with about 100 billion neurons, which is approximately as many stars as in...

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Working Together for Children and Families: Findings from the National Descriptive Study of Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships

Last updated: 03/11/2019

Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation What do you want to search? Search all of OPRE Grants You are here ACF Home » Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation » Resource...

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Why Make-Believe Play Is an Important Part of Childhood Development - Early Learning Nation

Last updated: 03/01/2019

Visit any preschool classroom during free play and you will likely see a child pretending to be someone else. Make-believe play is a ubiquitous part of early childhood. And...

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All Children Are Not the Same - And that's Okay

Last updated: 02/28/2019

Do you ever look at children who are the same age as your child and wonder why your little one hasn’t learned to talk/walk/read/dance/tumble/hit a ball as well or as soon as...

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Earning While Learning with Early Educator Apprenticeship Programs

Last updated: 02/26/2019

Early childhood educators have a unique position and opportunity to affect the development of young children during a critical period in their lives. But the work is not easy....

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