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How Education Brings Hope to Refugee Children

Last updated: 12/08/2019

The Jesuit Refugee Service/USA (JRS/USA) provides education, healthcare, and other services to refugees. The guiding principle in this work is to make humanitarian aid part of...

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Study Finds Children’s Math Learning Improves by Interacting with Intelligent Characters - Georgetown College

Last updated: 11/23/2019

November 20, 2019 – Children in the United States are internationally ranked below children from other countries in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In an...

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expert reaction to study on screen use and white brain matter in children

Last updated: 11/09/2019

A study, published in JAMA Pediatrics,reports a possible connection between screen use and brain development in young children.   Prof Dorothy Bishop, Professor of...

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Which is better for reading to your toddler: Print or ebooks? - Harvard Health Blog

Last updated: 11/05/2019

As we move more and more into a digital age, we use our devices for communication, news, information, games, and so much more. So, it’s natural to reach for a tablet when it...

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FPG Investigators Create a Model for Addressing Racial Equity in Schools

Last updated: 10/29/2019

Research shows that disproportionate discipline practices occur at all ages and grade levels, negatively affecting students of color. A new publication from Doré LaForett,...

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Study points to importance of grandparents as early childhood caregivers

Last updated: 09/28/2019

The survey findings can help uncover the grandparent experienc, and lead to ways to better support and include them in the early childhood development conversation. A recent...

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How to Unlock the Power of Play for Children in Crisis - Impacting Our Future

Last updated: 09/26/2019

Growing children need to play. It’s one of the most important ways they learn. In the first five years of life, young brains develop at their most rapid pace — and research...

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Teens are 5 times more likely to consider suicide if they know someone who did

Last updated: 09/20/2019

Students and staff at a school in Canada are grieving this week after two students committed suicide just days apart. The story is heartbreaking but unfortunately not uncommon....

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Is Preschool Really Worth It? New Research Says Yes

Last updated: 09/20/2019

Attending preschool can provide advantages for children that last well beyond early education. Getty Images Children who attend quality preschools display greater...

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The mystery of childhood mental health

Last updated: 09/03/2019

Neurobiologist Michael Meaney talks about a life spent puzzling how our genes and environment interact and affect our brain development. He also explains why he is determined to...

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