Spring time planning

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Camp is great for making new friends while learning new skills. North Shore Day Camp opening day is only two months away and Spring Planning has began. It was hard not to note the date today on the calendar … April 19. A smile came across all of our faces in the Summer Programs office as today marks the two month countdown to the Opening Day of camp for 2017. That said, all the Summer Programs staff noted just how much there is do to to be ready for the greeting of our campers two months from now. Spring time is a busy season as we take our fall and winter plans and begin to make them reality. We begin our work to make sure the preparation of our campus grounds, camp equipment and even now, our gardens are all ready for the arrival of our campers in two months time. Our summer staff connect with us more frequently in the spring to ask about summer plans and more importantly, about their campers. It really is an exciting time this spring as we all look forward to June 19 and the 67th opening of camp!