Camp Chat – December 3 “Like A Magnetic Force”

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I havCamp Chat - December 3 "Like A Magnetic Force"e a compass sitting by my office desk that my father passed along to me many years ago. His profession was that of an Air Force navigator and one of his most important tools was his compass. (These were the days before GPS technology). He always told me that the compass would help you find your way. It works on a magnetic force that can’t steer you in a bad direction. Rather is used correctly, it has the power to help you find home again.

The month of December is always a fun one in the Summer Programs office at North Shore Country Day School. We kick off registration for our campers for the coming summer (very exciting) and we reconnect with summer camp staff as they find their way home after being away at school. The stories they tell of their successes at school eventually lead to stories of happy moments during the summer working with their campers. I know I enjoy taking time to listen and reminisce.

I won’t say that we actually give our staff members compasses that point them in the direction to North Shore and all their great memories of working at camp. But I want to believe that perhaps there is a bit of magnetic force that draws them back – eager to check in and reconnect. The power of the camp experience for them is as strong and real as it is for our campers and having them drop by to check in and talk summer is a testament to their attraction to the people and the place.

Maybe it is my dad’s compass pointing the way …. whether it is or some other magnetic force drawing them back its good to have them back at camp!


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