The “Awesomeness” of Lake Michigan!

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We are very fortunate to be located less than a mile off the shores of Lake Michigan.  20 years ago our summer programs decided to take a small group of campers and staff (and a couple of gently used sunfish sail boats) to Lloyd Beach.  We spent an hour or so talking about boating safety, learning about sail boats and then headed out on the water.  What happened next was magical …. both staff and campers took all that they learned on the beach and by working together, were able to sail their boats out to the buoy and back again.  Those who stayed on the beach were greeted with the biggest smiles and yes, words of exclamation like … “That was awesome!”

Summer camp programs provide campers (and staff) many magical moments.  When given the opportunity to try new activities and work together to master new skills, the moments are “transformational”.

Today we wrap up our first session of the Expedition Camps.  Our Mariner program is based at Lloyd and is looking forward to their last day on the boats (we have expanded our fleet to include Hobies, paddle boards, kayaks and canoes!)  I know I can tell at the conclusion of these two weeks together our campers are more confident, independent and work well as a team.  They have made life long friends and are developing a real passion for boating.  Now that is AWESOME!The "Awesomeness" of Lake Michigan!


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