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Swimming lessons create confidence in all our campers is what we focus on. No matter what color band you are we are here to help you achieve your goals. RED, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE – Ask your camper what these colors mean at camp and you will hear an enthusiastic reply – swimming level bands!

With the pool covered for the season and snow falling from the sky, it is easy to think back to the warm summer days at the pool. In the office above the summer programs office, the staff have remarked that they miss hearing all the wonderful sounds of summertime at the pool. (As their offices are directly across from it!) One of my colleagues described what she heard each day as a very “happy” sound from a very happy place.

I would imagine the campers would describe the pool as a “happy” place as well. That “happy” atmosphere is created each day by staff who are working to instill confidence in our campers as they learn the skill of swimming. Whether a non-swimmer or a camper learning the very hard side-stroke, all campers are taught and supported by counselors and instructors who make each lesson personal. Having daily swim lessons affords campers to progress each day on their skill development and eventually become very proficient in the water. This proficiency allows them to enjoy “free swim” each day a little more and earns them more freedom to swim in the many levels of our pool.

Red, blue, green and purple are the colors of the swim bands campers are required to wear when they are in the swimming pool. The colors represent our four swim levels. Red-banded swimmers are our “non-swimmers”. Our blue-banded swimmers are learning to front crawl and by the time they “graduate” from blue are proficient swimmers. The green band is the level where campers focus on stroke work and also building endurance in treading water. Finally, the purple band is the most coveted of all bands. It symbolizes total achievement in our swimming program and allows for the purple banded camper to assist instructors in the red band area with teaching our non-swimmers.

Observing lessons each day we look for the “small victories” with campers as they work to master the requirements of their level. It is very common to hear throughout the day a cheer or two as counselors, campers and instructors give a cheer to someone who mastered a skill. It is this sound we all recognize as happiness and makes the pool and swim lessons such a favorite activity for all. This time of year we miss those cheers but know that summer will come soon enough and we will work with our 2017 campers on their skills.

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