Camp Chat – November 20

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Camp enrollment season has begun.  And with that in mind I wanted to share some insights on how selecting summer activities for your child.  I recognize that it is an important job that is no longer easy to do.  Here on the north shore of Chicago we are surrounded by so many wonderful opportunities.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming as parents sit down with the family summer calendar, where the ten-twelve weeks of summer break are all blank.  The process of “filling weeks” for everyone in the house can be quite complicated and each year it seems to start earlier.

As you sit and begin to choose these activities it seems that two questions have come to mind.  Will my child like it?  What is my child going to gain from this experience?  I hope the first question is easy to answer.  But I believe the second question is more important as it focuses on the true experience of attending a summer program.   Will the program help your child gain self-confidence, master a new skill, increase self-esteem, make and keep new friends, and will it be fun?   Is the program you choose intentional in making sure all of the above questions are answered?  At North Shore Country Day School we believe our summer programs do.

Whether you have enrolled in our Day Camp, Language Program, Expedition Camps or Little Explorers program we want your child to try things that are new, and challenging. And of course, most of all, we want them to have fun, and enjoy themselves, and just be kids.  For over 65 years we have believed in small close-knit camper groups, lots of imagination in our activities, being outside, having terrific staff, and fostering a strong sense of belonging to the group for all involved.  Know that your choice to have your child participate in one of our great programs means that a caring team of child-development professionals and top flight educators will be investing their time into your child.  We’ll be taking the time to know him or her, welcoming your camper by name, and ensuring that he/she is connecting with other children and the counselors.  We want them to feel a part of our great summer community here at North Shore Country Day School.

We have lots of great information on our website about our programs, and we offer secure, online enrollment 24/7. We are also here to answer any questions you have. We hope to welcome you and your family to our summer programs community at North Shore Country Day School.

Cindy Hooper
Director of Summer Programs

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